Lawson Connectivity

Available remotely anywhere in the USA and Europe - $150 per hour

We provide work/study training sessions based on one of your existing dashboards that needs to be connected to Lawson. During these remote sessions all dashboard connection methods are explained thoroughly. Lawson tables and their relationships to each other are explained and Lawson query construction steps are taught while writing the SQL query against the Lawson database to fetch the required data.

Dashboard Connection Methods:

  • Flash variable connection to Crystal Reports
  • XML Maps and VBA code to Excel
  • Web Services to any database
  • XML data connection directly to MS SQL stored procedures
  • Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) to a universe in SAP Business Objects Enterprise

Lawson Query Construction Steps:

  1. Use Lawson User Guides and Procedure Guides to determine all Lawson forms used to enter the data to be queried.
  2. Use Lawson portal or SmartOffice forms and Lawson Technical Text documents to identify the data fields required.
  3. Use Lawson Technical Text documents and User Guides to determine other required linking fields and tables in the Lawson database.
  4. Use Lawson data dictionaries to determine links and relationships between fields and tables required to get the desired data.
  5. Build the SQL query.